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  1. I was never selfish nor inconsiderate of anything!Why did you not offer more love?Bennigans had the whole truth,from the start?You”he gone too far,oh what is the next uniform,or is it after the3rd down??

  2. I came on this page looking for pictures of Dams. All I see are DAMN almost naked dudes.

  3. Ive returned to put the proper email address and ive returned looking for a response. Problem is this was a year and some months ago post mr. September 13 2013 and i havent seen anything of him since. I know ya busy but it would be nice to see more dont know what else to do. Thank u for ur time.


  4. I errored leaving my number but its ok i just really want to see more of the guy in photos i dont expect to chit chat unless its ok thank u hope to hear from u in the next couple of days.

  5. Theres a man on here September 13 2013 braided hair and blue and yellow shorts i tried to just holla but i cant. Can u give him this message. Im on Facebook complimenting the guy wondering if i can just say hello and wonder if he has more photos thank u. Oh yeah just in case 7202960908 im not easy im just screaming dam he fine and more please

  6. I was hoping DamHeFine would have responded to my question on January 11th 2014 @9:24 pm by now. You can Facebook or e-mail me, seriously wanting to know .

  7. I’ve submitted some photos of a friend of mine that I feel should be amongst these sexy men…was there more info i should’ve included?

  8. First, let me say I enjoy looking at the sexy pic’s of these gorgeous young men. What I would like to know, if Dam he’s Fine will start promoting sexy pic’s of men ages, say, about 40 to 60. That could be very interesting….just saying!!!!

  9. What is that sexy guy name who is on facebook with white shorts on and no shirt with a six pack ad muscles?

  10. I am having a Charity bachelor Auction on February 8, 2014. I have contacted you before a few months ago but I did not get a response as to if any of the gentleman you feature would be willing to participate in this Auction. They must be single and you or they can contact me for more details. The event will be held at Proud Mary’s Restaurant in Fort Washington, MD. I can be reached on (202) 695-4403

  11. I have a friend on my fb friends list that is super HOT n he needs to be on this website. He’s a model n in construction n all around just super Fine. Please message me to c how I can get him on here for the world to see him thnx

  12. I wonder if y’all can start a website call Damn She Sexy cuz I wanna be the first female model y’all have cuz this site a blessing all woman but what about for the guys too…….ummmmm……think on it and hit me back oh and another thing……Damn Them Nigga Be Fine AF Thou……

  13. i think some of the guys on here have very sexy looks very eyes catching some a little un realistic and too much but some genuine awesome guys stunning to look at x:)

  14. Hey I’m an African-American woman and I LOVE your site. I have a request. This will sound odd. More Asian men. I love brothas. But Asian men are very sexy as well. There are some fine Asian men (including men from India and the Phillipines) who need exposure. so please more Asian guys.

    Two recommendations, Vietnamese American Peter Le and Chinese American Guy Tang. Gorgeous bodies, beautiful faces.

  15. hello can you tell how can there be made ​​a shooting on this web site?

  16. Truth is…it’s not hard to find a GOOD looking man….however it is very rare that a GOOD MAN is good looking….Justin David Girard is surely one in a million. If you want a mature Chris Brown/Tony Parker/Matt Kemp looking guy with a warm heart and such great character….follow Justin! instagram @justindavidgirard

  17. Would like to know who is the person in a pic posted feb 26 witg dreads tats m wat seems to b basketball shorts?

  18. I know a few guys that should definitely be HERE. How to I invite them? Can I recruit them??? Someone tell me please…..

  19. Hello my name is Robert Valentine i would like to find out how i can submit pictures for your review…….please email me at I am very excited about potentially working with you.

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