To submit a photo and for all business inquiries please email us @ & please no rude comments. Keep it sexy! Thank you 😉

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  2. Hi I have this really cute and handsome guy I would love to see on your IG page damnhefine plz how do I send you the pic

  3. I enjoy your eye candy even though I just glance as I have my own lucious lump here at home. I just ask that you spell your title correctly. The way you have it written you are displaying the beaver’s construction. To siginifyyour amazement of the male physique you need to spell it ” damn he’s fine. “Proud of your work just was t to help you display your best work.

  4. Hello it’s my 1st time on here just curious. How do i post a picture?

  5. It would be nice to see some nice looking women in photos with these fine a$$ men. Just a thought. I would be more than happy…..

  6. Who is the model that has on a grey cotton cap with his head turned to the side and white t-shirt pulled around his armpits,his pic is posted on. Sat April 16th post

  7. What are their names? Can you tell me the name of the model for December 2015? Bright skin, right chest ratio, really cut and cute? Black underwear. I would at least like to know his name. Thanks!

  8. so how bout a small “hip pocket calendar” to carry in my purse for those moments when I need a good mental break?

  9. Hi my name is Dina Davis I have a comment too make an a announcement that and December 26, 2015 and I am doing a photo shoot in I need some fashion designer Artists too come and my home and the city of San Francisco California and I am have a fashion show with the model male and female at the Hyatt hotel it go be food drink music party and dance studio wine tasting and everything and you could email dinadavis206@Yahoo. Com and you could contact me 4157245125 and VIP and it go start at 4-10 and make sure to come in be ready for fun enjoy

  10. Hi. Want to feature your guys in our magazine section… Men & Hair. You are the eye candy women love. Interested? Email by OCT 15th >> WIGMANIACS@GMAIL.COM << Write your brief opinion on the beauty of a woman's hair. Her style. Her essence. + company logo + up to 5 sexy photos of your guys!

    Thanks! ~ SuJen 404.500.7066

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