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214 thoughts on “Eye-Candy

  1. Hell, how can I go to sleep all worked up like this.? Been teased out of my mind.

  2. Please, can I just have one of these luscious exquisite gentlemen to lay down and kiss him all over, make passionate love to him. I know I can make him scream my name and make him VERY glad he was born a MAN.

  3. Lawd have mercy!! Pretty, well built men??? Go on, make me forget I’m a wife and mother. I don’t mind

    However, now I feel like one of those sad, lonley, sexless Stay at Home moms.

  4. They look so luscious…very “lick-able” (LOL!) I wish one of them would give me a try. I’m a very creative and generous lover.

  5. Oh Lawd. They are all so beautiful, different complections, hair color, eye color. I am in paradise. I love me some luscious men. I just want to taste them!

  6. Gay straight wat ever there men & there super fine. Tooo FINE.. Thank u father, I shared them on FB as well. Smoochies Eye Candy…

  7. They are all luscious. I would love to just get one down in the bed and knead him like pizza dough and lick him like a lollipop!

  8. All I can say is “God created all of those men in his image.” So just know they are the fruit that we all crave from time to time.

  9. Torture is what this married woman is feeling right now!!! Damn!!! Smh Thank the good Lord for these fine specimens!

  10. Dammmmnnnnn..These guys are hotter than a crackhouse in the middle of July. Where I am from, there are no men that can or will ever come close to the Eye Candy on this page. I would have been married, and having babies galore….

  11. Responding to all these men are found in gay bars or gym:
    So, I guess you went there and saw these fine men at the gay bar/clubs with your eyes?
    “I know fo sho”, when it looks tooooo good to be true that the negs come out and have a lot to share, say and sling mud about.
    For once, let us honor the male physique and enjoy the eyes that God blesses us with!
    Whether they are gay or not. Each of these men brings respect to the male body.

  12. Ok ladies, these men do exist, the sad thing is most are to be found in a gay bar or gym. just sayin!

  13. just as there are beautiful women there are gorgeous men thanks for the eyecandy pics especially of the Asian hunk damn he is extra fine

  14. Boys and girls, moms and dads. We men are not eye candy because candy is edible and is a one time deal. Once you eat it, the candy is destroyed. We men, on the other hand, are banquets, smorgasbords, buffets, and feasts. Once you eat your banquet, smorgasbord, buffet, and feast, we insist upon your fine dining for decades to come.


  16. This is a wonderful site, I have many fond memories of my Husband and lovers in our youth. Now we are aging gracefully and enjoying the elixir of time . . experience. Keep up the great work and great webistie! Dayuuum..yall are fine

  17. IKR ladies – these men are not men I saw either. Probably wouldn’t be married……lol!

  18. Mine eyes have seen the glory…there is truly a GOD!! Ur website says it all…DAMN THEY FINE!!!!!!

  19. overall 10 I love this site. Thank you so much for Dam He Fine!!! <3

  20. me ether these men are so fine and when I was growing up in Ohio there where never any fine looking men there

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