Mr. Andre Dre-Future Simmons 

Brian Keith Roach

Mr. Michael Anthony Brown

Mr. Hiruy Amanuel

Mr. CJ Storey

86 thoughts on “Models

  1. The models should come to New Orleans to promote Dam He Fine for Superbowl week. Because I’ll call off for that.

  2. I wish i could just meet each and every last one of them one a day is all i need DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  3. Roach is very sexy for dark skin.. i love them light skin men. but roach u fine as hell !! yummy!

  4. I love this site love beutiful men….whats da african american model wit the written tat on his chest like treysongs n red baseball hat 2 da back he also have on grey joggin pants name……..he so sexy to mei

  5. I swear, I LOVE being a full-blooded, man-loving, dick-craving woman! Lawd have mercy on me!

  6. Brian is what you call FINE, SEXY, and MOUTH WATERING!!! He will make your leg shake without walking!!! YES INDEED!!!

  7. lord have mercy on me i done died and went to heaven damn it man good looks and a nice body i must be dreaming and if i am please don’t wake me

  8. I will take M A Brown and every inch of that body is sexy, omg he”s fine as hell. Where do u live!! This man will run all woman wild ,Just look at that BODY, wow wow

  9. Their names are at the top of their pic. The one you named is the one in the locks. You are speaking of Brian Keith Roach.

  10. I love my brothers but sorry Mr.M.A. Brown is the most finest man I have ever set eyes on thank you for putting a smile on my face ..sorry brothers this brother has crossed over

  11. Ok Mr. M .A Brown now that fucking fine and I love my brothers but sorry iv crossed

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